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Disney World

Disney World

The Upward Bound seniors met at the Holiday Best Western Hotel Plaza to start off our spectacular senior trip. We were able to enjoy the pool and dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings that was provided for us. The following morning we departed on the Wombles charter bus at 5 a.m.. Our trip was finally getting started! During the trip we were entertained by Disney movies provided by Ricky McHone. Along the way we stopped at various restaurants, some of which had never been visited by an Upward Bound student. Even before reaching Disney World our students were able to experience a variety of educational opportunities, such as seeing the changing environment, the temperature change, or that “they have horses in Florida!” –Brittney Viars.

On our first day at Disney World, we were treated with the wild Animal Kingdom. They say that Disney is a magical place, and that magic was bestowed upon us when Becca Morrison conquered her fear of heights on Animal Kingdom’s biggest roller coaster: Expedition Mt. Everest! However, Animal Kingdom was not enough to quench our thirst for excitement.

Our second day at Disney was spent at the extraordinary Epcot. Here is where we got our chance to participate in the various cultural events that Epcot provides. Epcot allowed us to take a glimpse into what our world looks like beyond our own back yard. One thing that was made very clear while in Epcot was its diversity. Maybe Epcot is another way to say Upward Bound? Neither Animal Kingdom nor Epcot could prepare us for what was in store next.

Our last day at Disney was spent at the magnificent Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is all about allowing your inner child to be unleashed, and that’s exactly what we did. Whether we were a pirate of the Caribbean or a kid who never wants to grow up, Magic Kingdom definitely brought out the kid in all of us. Magic Kingdom took us into outer space with Buzz Lightyear and let us swim the ocean blue with Ariel, to prove that “It is a small world after all”. 

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. On our bus ride home, you could feel the nostalgia in the air as we all looked back at our times together in Upward Bound. From the awkwardness of our first days, to the bright futures we all hold, every moment with Upward Bound was flowing through us and into our goodbye notes. At the end of the trip there was not a dry eye to be seen. 

by Austin Stewart

Published on September 05, 2013

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